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Mobile Poker

Our online poker platform features some of the most popular poker games played today on the internet.

  • Texas Holdem [No Limit, Pot Limit and Bet Limit games]
  • Omaha
  • Omah Hi-Lo
  • 7 Card Stud
  • Turkish Poker [Also known as 32 Card Poker]
  • 3 Card Indian Poker

We continue to add more games for your growth and business value.
As an operator of a poker room, you will be able to create a unique experience for your players using our software administration tools.

Custom Table Creator Custom Tournament Setup Bonus and Incentives Management

Salient Points of Poker Software:

  • Turnkey project with all customization, development, configurations and installations
  • Rock Stable and Reliable
  • Complete Scalability for high volume user connections
  • Complete encrypted data and communication security
  • Available in real money, play money and subscription models
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Small client application file size
  • Pleasing design and graphics
  • Developed for community building
  • Windows VISTA / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Mac OSX / Browser Compliant
  • Android and iPhone/iPad client software for App Store and Play Store
  • Fully developed administration and management tools
  • Backed by the highest level of 24 x 7 x 365 REAL TIME live technical support

Business Models

To deliver high quality, timely and cost effective business process support to all our customers in all software development requirements.

  • Stand Alone Poker Site
  • Subscription Poker
  • Network Poker
  • revenue Share (Rental)

Play Money /Real money Poker

This is the standard model for poker sites and is followed by almost all the leading poker sites out there today. In this model you will be able to operate your poker room and accept real money from your players through online deposits. Your revenue will be in the form of rake and tournament fees.

Subscription Poker

This is a very popular mode of poker revenue generation where players are able to play with each other using play money or play chips. Your site makes revenue from the member subscriptions and other revenue streams such as advertising and sponsorships. This is a very popular playing method in jurisdictions such as USA. Using this method, you can easily accept US players legally.

Random Number Generator

Random numbers are the most important aspect of ensuring fair and profitable Poker games. Using our modified Mersenne Twister random number generator (RNG) you can be secure in knowing that all hands are dealt with complete randomness and zero predictability


Our software is built on multiple layers of security at each level which assures our players of fair gaming. We use multiple levels of encryption on each layer of programming, deliver and communication which means that the end result is virtually impossible to reverse engineer. All communications are fully double encrypted in transit and always take place on a secure connection.